Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Sporting Chance - The 2013 America's Cup

Pushing aside my nagging doubts, Team New Zealand still has a chance to win the 2013 America's Cup. Weeks of early morning starts  (viewing races live in Hong Kong means 3:45am risings) has worn my patience thin, causing my commitment to the cause to waiver at times.  Coming back from 8-3 down, the American defenders, on their boat Oracle, have put up a tough fight. Oracle's boat looks faster and their decision making on the water, led by Olympic hero Ben Ainslie, looks superb. The series is now tied 8-8 which means the next race is winner takes all.  I am nervous!

I'm now so emotionally and physically invested in the outcome of the finally race tomorrow that I can not bring myself to not set the alarm and drag myself out of bed in the dead of the night to watch the action unfold in San Francisco.  Judging by my twitter feed, the rest of New Zealand feels the same way I do.

My favourite place - at the beach on Rabbit Island, New Zealand
Despite being strongly drawn to the ocean, I am not myself adept at water sports. One could assume that growing up on an island, and having spent all of my youth on or near the water, that I would be at home on the sea.  Unfortunately, sea sickness - the motion of the ocean, is the ruination of my aspiring Olympic career or round the world yachty.  It's one more reason why I admire the people out there (where are the female crew though?) - in all weather they are out there slogging it.  I hope the Team New Zealand crew are able to uplifted by the support that they are getting all around the world from us landlubbing Kiwi supporters.



  1. I'm in the US, cheering for Oracle, but it's been an amazing series and the Kiwis have a strong, talented team. I don't know who will win (it only takes one little mistake by either team to blow the race), but I do know I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat watching that last race! It makes for a thrilling America's Cup! :)

  2. I agree, what a thrilling series. I will enjoy it all the more though of ETNZ manage to pull of a win. Enjoy the atmosphere and celebrations. It looks like a fun place to be right now :-)